philwill beer - rich, pure and honest in taste



How it started

A few years ago, the brewer and owner of PhilWill Brew by chance and without any knowledge about the rising craft beer market decided to brew his favorite german beer.

A Hefeweizen/Weissbier that, born and grown up in southern Germany, was missing in his new country of choice – Denmark. Missing richness, pureness (honesty) and a good mouthfeel in available Hefeweizen beer on the Danish market (of course some decent imported beers are available) he embarked on a journey to develop the right “Max’s Weisse” recipe – a Weissbier with a good mouthfeel, a rich and honest bread and banana taste. After many batches of brewed beer, the recipe was found to satisfy the brewers taste.

This beer was the start for many others to follow. Mainly fruity beers, Pale Ales, as well as other ales along with German beers. With that in mind, Max’s Weisse will always be the core product for PhilWill Brew – Rungsted Bryggeri.

Values and Vision

Focus for PhilWill Brew was always to use the right amount on ingredients, especially the malt and hops as well as fruit to ensure a maximum positive customer experience of craft beer. A rich and honest taste that will provide a taste experience that customers cannot get from any commercially produced beer on the market.

Staying true to these values – honesty, no compromise on ingredients (as local and organic as possible) and constant high quality – PhilWill Brew will be sharing a wide variety of beer with his customers. A mix of beer available all year long together with releases of seasonal beers.


The brand PhilWill defines itself as a young and local brand. A brand that stands for openness towards the customer and community, seeking the contact with their customers and the customers interest in their beer and the beer making process. A brand that is founded in North Sealand, Denmark where it sees it roots. The brand stands for beer, of course but more than that. It will seek to establish itself as a known brand for the local community. Supporting the community and social events and organizations.

The brand stands for a rock solid and basic beer portfolio with the “essence” of craft beer. At the same time, PhilWill stands for an unorthodox approach when it comes to brewing beer. Trying new recipes to extend the product line. Focus areas are Hefeweizen beer but also fruity and “drinkable” beers.