philwill beer - rich, pure and honest in taste

Our Beer



      Max’ Weisse (Weissbier) – The beer that started it all! A classical Weissbier tha has a wonderful bread, banana and clove flavor.
  Happy Tap (Dunkles Weissbier) – Inspired by the brewers favorit german weissbier. A Weissbier that is a little bit darker.


Hops First! (American Pale Ale) – Straightforward American West-Coast Style Pale Ale with a yuuuge amount of hops that makes America great, again!
Fredagsslik (New England Pale Ale) – Our favorite New England Pale Ale. Super fruity due to the insane amount of hops and a really soft mouthfeel.
Brown Bear ( Indian Brown Ale) – A west-coast style Brown Ale. Also, very hoppy for a common brown ale.
Rungstetter (Blonde Ale) – The Blonde Ale that probably everyone will like. Clean, crisp brewed with German Pilsner Malt and German Noble Hops.



           Reinbeer (Weizenbock) – Warming during cold winter months. A classic Weizenbock with chocolate malt, german mandarina hops and orange peel.
  Himbeerschnitte (Weissbier with pastry and raspberries) – A Weissbier where we use a favorit danish pastry paired with Lactose and Raspberries.
  Hoppy Wheat (Weissbier and hops) – A classic Weissbier that is massively (for a Weissbier) dry-hopped.
  Belgian Delight (Belgian Wit Beer) – Super refreshing light taste. Brewed with the classic ingredients like orange peel, coriander and camomile.


  Funky Blue Medina (Blueberry Blonde Ale)
  MidSummer (Strawberry Blonde Ale)
  Hops Hops Hurray (West Coast Indian Pale Ale)
  Not Orange Juice (New England Indian Pale Ale)
  Hallo zer’! (German Indian Pale Ale)
  Whiskey Belt Ale (Strong Ale)


Almrausch (Muenchner Helles)
  Maibock (Heller Bock)
  Deer Beer ( Lager and Hops)
  G’mütlich (Oktoberfest Bier)